50mm IP54 Rated Waterproof Rugged Sealed Medical B-ultrasound Trackball Module With Mounting Holes

Item No.: JS50A
Model JS50A
Ball Diameter 50mm 
Shell Size 73*73mm
Ball Material Phenolic resin ball
Trackball lifespan More than 2 million revolutions
Supply Voltage +5V DC +/-5%
Communication interface    USB or PS2
Protection Level IP54 
Operating temperature -10  ~+60
Storage temperature -25 ~ +80
Certificate CE  FCC RoHS Compliant
OS support Windows, Linux, Mac, Vxworks, etc
MTBF >50000H
MTTR <30min
APPLICATION robot motion control, medical diagnosis and imaging equipment  

Embedded trackball is a cost-effective solution with reliable quality and accurate control of X and Y coordinate information. The compact design makes it very suitable for applications in products with strict space restrictions such as keyboard and embedded design;

It has standard protocol output and mouse button function;

With this product, you can rotate the rotating ball through the movement of your arm or finger, so as to synchronously and accurately control the two-dimensional position coordinates;

The conversion of sphere motion to position coordinates is realized by the photoelectric coding circuit in the trackball, which has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and long service life;

Typical applications: robot motion control, medical diagnosis and imaging equipment, automatic equipment control, video editing and production, testing and metering equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE, specific control panel/keyboard

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