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Common faults and solutions of industrial keyboards

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Author : Kevin Deng
Update time : 2022-05-18 10:34:59
Common faults and solutions of industrial keyboards

Industrial keyboards are now widely used in various industrial equipment. It is inevitable that we encounter malfunction problems in the process of using industrial keyboards, which need to be compatible with different operating systems, and there are quite a lot of reasons for the malfunction.
industrial keyboard in the process of operation, often because of some hardware failure or software failure and can not operate normally, seriously affect the normal use of the keyboard. According to the causes of industrial keyboard failure, keyboard failure can be divided into hardware failure and software failure.
1. Hardware failure: Industrial keyboard hardware failure refers to the failure caused by poor contact, performance degradation, damage to electronic components or mechanical problems of the board components and external equipment of the industrial keyboard. For example, the USB chip or crystal damage. Industrial keyboard hardware failure usually leads to the keyboard can not be linked to the computer, the keyboard can not start normally, or dead, etc., often accompanied by serious hot, buzzer beeping and other phenomena.
2. Software failure: Software failure refers to the failure of the keyboard not working properly due to the incompatibility of system software, software problems, improper operation and other factors. Industrial keyboard software failures usually cause the keyboard to fail to start normally, the USB to be unrecognized, the buttons to have no function, or the wrong button functions, the trackball cursor to not move, and the left and right mouse buttons to not work.
There are many reasons for industrial keyboard failures, the following are common failures and solutions

1. The keyboard has sound but no function?
Analyze: The USB chip or crystal oscillator is damaged and needs to be replaced.

2. The trackball USB is not recognized (not compatible).
Analyze: First, use a commercial office computer to test whether it can work. If it can work on a commercial computer, it means that it is a compatibility problem: using the UGREEN brand HUB adapter can handle 80% of the equipment compatibility problems; if the commercial computer does not work, it may be some components. Pseudo Soldering, Short Circuit, Burnout.

3. The trackball cursor does not move up and down or left and right.
Analyze: Check whether the induction tube is short-circuited by welding, and whether the trackball gear is stuck on the induction tube, and replace the induction tube.

4. The left or right mouse button does not work, what should I do?
Analyze: The connection line between the control board and the button PCB board is in poor contact, the contact surface of the PCB board is in poor contact with the silicone (metal dome), the insulation of the button PCB board is not well done, and the control board is short-circuited.
Replace the PCB board

5. The keyboard keys function is garbled
Analyze:: Test whether it is normal on a commercial computer.
Handling: If the test on a commercial computer fails, it may be that the components are short-circuited and soldered, the insulation is not handled properly, or the current is too large, causing a capacitor and chip to break down. If the ordinary computer test can be done, it may be caused by the leakage of the device or the lack of grounding. It is necessary to insulate the keyboard shell from the device shell, and the device can be grounded (standard ground wire piles should be buried 2 meters deep under ground).

6.Keys stuck
Analyze: Disassemble the keyboard to check whether there is dust, sand and other foreign objects falling into the key gap, and check whether the Metal dome or the keyboard silicone contact points are damaged. Or if the nut on the back of the keyboard is too tight, adjust the tightness of the nut appropriately.

Other factors that are prone to cause keyboard failure
1. Poor power supply: Poor power supply means that the device supplies the keyboard with insufficient voltage or low power supply and no power supply, which will cause failures such as inability to continue to work and the keyboard constantly disconnecting. If the voltage is too high, the internal components and chips will be damaged. The standard of DAVO's industrial keyboard is usually 5V±0.25.
2. Poor connection of cables or connectors: Poor contact of cables or connectors will usually cause the industrial keyboard to fail to work normally. If the keyboard signal transmission USB cable is in poor contact with the device interface, the keyboard will not work. Such failures can be fixed by reconnecting.

3. Component quality problems: Problems with component quality usually cause the industrial keyboard to fail to start, or a certain component does not work. Often replacement of the faulty part is required to fix such failures.

Note that as long as you purchased DAVO industrial keyboard, any failure occurs(NON-HUMAN FACTOR) during the warranty period, DAVO will provide free accessories that need to be replaced, such as PCB boards, wires, keys, etc., and bear the freight.  Please refer to DAVO After-sale Service.

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