How To Import Industrial Keyboard From China The Ultimate Guide [2023]

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Author : Kevin Deng
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Delve into the realm of industrial keyboards and equip yourself with the knowledge to successfully import them from China, courtesy
of this comprehensive write-up.

Table of Contents:
1. Step 1: Identifying Top Sources for Importing Industrial Keyboards from China
   1.1 Utilizing Google to Locate Manufacturers
   1.2 Leveraging B2B e-commerce platforms to Find Manufacturers
  1.3 Exploring Trade Exhibitions to Connect with Manufacturers
 2. Step 2: Effective Communication with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers
   2.1 Tips to Ensure Your Message Gets Noticed by Manufacturers
 3. Step 3: Visiting Industrial Keyboard Companies
   3.1 Taking a Product Display Site Tour
   3.2 Exploring Production Lines
   3.3 Benefits of On-Site Visits
 4. Step 4: Important Factors to Consider Before Importing Industrial Keyboards
 5. Step 5: Negotiating Pricing with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers
 6. Step 6: Placing an Order with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers
 7. Step 7: Making the Deposit for Your Order
 8. Step 8: Product Inspection and Quality Control
 9. Step 9: Final Payment and Transaction Completion
 10. Step 10: Preparing for the Importation of Industrial Keyboards
    10.1 Shipment Methods
    10.2 Understanding Incoterms
    10.3 EXW (Ex Works) and Its Advantages
    10.4 FOB (Free On Board) and Its Advantages
    10.5 Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers
 11. Step 11: Tracking Your Cargo During Product Transit
 12. Step 12: Receiving and Handling the Product at the Port
 13. Step 13: Transporting Products from the Port to Their Destination
 14. Step 14: Inspecting Received Products: A Must-Do for Smart Shoppers
 15. Conclusion

China has emerged as a dominant manufacturing force, producing a substantial share of the world's consumer goods. This has made importing
from China an attractive global sourcing strategy for numerous companies. For buyers and resellers, it presents an incredible opportunity.

Among the 195 countries globally, 81 of them import various products from China, highlighting its significance. So, if you are an industrial expert
or a company seeking to import industrial keyboards, you are on the right path.

Industrial keyboards offer an efficient and reliable solution in various sectors due to their ruggedness and durability. They provide protection against:
1. Harsh environmental conditions
2. Dust and debris
3. Water and moisture
4. Impact and vibration
5. Extreme temperatures

As you can see, your efforts to import industrial keyboards are well worth it, as they serve essential functions in challenging environments.
However, the importing process is not without challenges, especially for newcomers. It can be time-consuming, complex, and costly.
Delays in transit, regulatory fees, and fluctuating distribution costs can erode expected gains.

Nevertheless, with the right guidance, you can successfully import industrial keyboards from China and reap the benefits. That's where we step in to
assist you. Here's our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to navigate the process of importing industrial keyboards from China.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Identifying Top Sources for Importing Industrial Keyboards
from China

   Stainless Steel Industrial Keyboard   CNC Aluminum Industrial Keyboard              Membrane Industrial keyboard

      Silicone Industrial Keyboard                Plastic Industrial Keyboard                       Glass Industrial Keyboard
Now that you've decided to source your industrial keyboards from China, the next crucial step is choosing the right manufacturing company to
import from.

Finding a reliable manufacturer for industrial keyboards can be a daunting task, but fortunately, there are effective methods to locate potential

Utilizing online resources such as Google and Alibaba can help you explore various manufacturers and their offerings. These platforms provide
a vast array of options, allowing you to compare products and features to find the best fit for your requirements.

Additionally, consider attending trade shows and exhibitions specifically focused on industrial keyboards. These events offer valuable opportunities
to interact with manufacturers and connect with other importers, gaining ideas and building beneficial business relationships.

By leveraging these strategies, you can effectively navigate the process of finding a reputable manufacturer for industrial keyboards, ensuring that
you secure top-quality products for your needs.

Utilizing Google to Locate Manufacturers

The go-to destination for seeking answers in any situation is Google. It provides a range of relevant results due to recent modifications in its page
ranking feature, helping users distinguish between good and bad sites.

From these results, you'll need to narrow down the manufacturers that best suit your needs. Afterward, you can contact them and make a decision
on which one to work with.

However, a major drawback of using Google is that you may not find all the different types of industrial keyboards from one manufacturer.
This could lead to sourcing products from multiple manufacturers, resulting in higher costs and more effort.

Using Google remains the top technique for finding industrial keyboard manufacturers.

Leveraging B2B e-commerce platforms to Find Manufacturers
Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are well-known B2B e-commerce companies in China.
Due to the popularity and large user base of these B2B platforms, you can quickly find manufacturers for various industrial keyboard products.
However, being open marketplaces, these B2B platforms can be breeding grounds for scammers.
Furthermore, the ranking structure on these platforms is susceptible to corruption from companies that pay for top rankings but cannot deliver
quality products.

Therefore, exercise extra caution when using B2B platforms.

Exploring Trade Exhibitions to Connect with Manufacturers

Participating in industrial product trade shows and exhibitions offers an excellent opportunity to establish reliable contacts with suppliers and

One significant advantage of attending these events is the ability to view and purchase samples of the desired products, eliminating the risk of
importing unseen items.

Exhibitions play a pivotal role in building a strong business network, fostering face-to-face interactions with both sellers and buyers.
Although such events may not occur frequently, you can allocate a budget for traveling to attend exhibitions in other countries. The knowledge
gained from these experiences will prove invaluable for making well-informed decisions in the future.

Alternatively, ensure you make the most of any nearby exhibitions that arise in your area.

Step 2: Effective Communication with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers

(WhatsApp has become the most popular communication tool in global trade.)

Many companies offer efficient communication platforms for reaching out and establishing contact.
A reliable company will respond promptly, typically within 24 hours, fostering better understanding and trust between you and the manufacturers.
Email serves as the best initial approach to reach a manufacturer, but in case of delayed responses, a phone call can be an alternative method
to get in touch.

Tips to Ensure Your Message Gets Noticed by Manufacturers
Keep it concise: Craft a short and straightforward email to the manufacturers as they receive numerous messages daily and may not have time for
lengthy ones. Once they respond, you can delve into the details.

Request adequately: Avoid asking for too little from the manufacturers, as it may not be taken seriously. If unsure about your request's adequacy,
consider calling the manufacturing company for clarification.

Step 3: Visiting Industrial Keyboard Companies

When it comes to ensuring the quality of industrial keyboards, conducting on-site visits becomes essential.
Visiting the manufacturing company in person offers the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and witness the entire production process
firsthand. This hands-on experience allows you to gain valuable understanding into the company's operations, quality control measures, and
production standards.

Moreover, during the on-site visit, you will have the chance to explore the company's product display site, where you can examine the various
models and features of industrial keyboards available. Additionally, you can tour the production line, observing the manufacturing techniques
and the attention to detail in the assembly process.

Overall, on-site visits play a crucial role in guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of industrial keyboards, helping you make informed decisions
and build a strong business relationship with the manufacturing company.

Taking a Product Display Site Tour 

A product display site is where the company presents its industrial keyboard products in an attractive manner to persuade customers to make
a purchase.

During your visit to a manufacturing company, you'll have the privilege of touring the display site, giving you the opportunity to explore all the
different industrial keyboard products they offer.

The products you’ll site cover:
Industrial Keyboard
Industrial Trackball
Industrial Touchpad
Industrial Keypad
Silicone Keyboard
Membrane keyboard
Customize Keyboard

Exploring Production Lines

In a factory setting, a production line consists of a series of equipment, machines, or workers that demonstrate each step a product undergoes
until it reaches its final stage.

During your visit to a manufacturing company, you'll have the opportunity to observe the production lines dedicated to various industrial
keyboard products. This allows you to witness the manufacturing process and understand how each product is meticulously crafted before
reaching completion.

Benefits of On-Site Visits 

The advantages you'll gain from an on-site visit are plentiful.
Relationship Building: Visiting the manufacturing company demonstrates your seriousness about making purchases, fostering a strong and
lasting customer relationship. This can lead to better prices and enhanced services from the manufacturers.

Knowledge Acquisition: The knowledge you'll gain during the on-site visit is invaluable. You'll have firsthand acquaintance into the materials
and techniques used in the production of industrial keyboards. Engaging in one-on-one conversations with manufacturers will further expand
your expertise in dealing with industrial keyboards.

Improved Communication: Building a good relationship with manufacturers results in improved communication. Effective communication
facilitates beneficial negotiations, enabling you to tailor products, discuss adjustments, pricing, and delivery terms. It also fosters trust between
you and the manufacturer.

Negotiation Opportunities: The company setting after the tour offers an ideal environment for negotiations. You can engage in discussions
regarding product customization, adjustments, pricing, and delivery arrangements, ensuring a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Assessment and Decision-Making: Visiting the company site allows you to assess the quality of their products and observe their operational
practices. Armed with this information, you can make informed and rational decisions on whether or not to proceed with purchasing their products.

Quality Assurance: By inspecting the production line and observing the manufacturing process, you can ensure that the industrial keyboards
meet your quality standards, providing you with peace of mind regarding your purchase decision.

Supplier Verification: On-site visits enable you to verify the legitimacy and credibility of the manufacturer, reducing the risk of potential scams
or fraudulent activities.

Overall, conducting on-site visits offers a holistic understanding of the manufacturer's capabilities and ensures a smoother and more successful
business collaboration.

Step 4: Important Factors to Consider Before Importing Industrial

The key considerations before purchasing and importing industrial keyboards include:
Material: An exceptional industrial keyboard is crafted from high-quality materials such as durable ABS plastic or robust stainless steel. These
materials offer high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Size: Industrial keyboards come in various sizes to cater to different applications and user preferences. A reputable company will customize
the keyboard according to your specific requirements.

Structure/Construction: Industrial keyboards are designed with precision using advanced technologies. They may feature tactile key switches,
backlit keys, and sealed or waterproof construction to withstand harsh environments and enhance user experience.

Color: Industrial keyboards are available in a variety of colors, often designed with industrial aesthetics in mind. Common colors include black,
gray, and silver.

Weight: The weight of an industrial keyboard will vary depending on its size, materials used, and additional features incorporated.
Waterproof Rating: Consider the waterproof rating of the industrial keyboard, which is crucial for applications in environments where moisture
or liquids may be present.

Interface: Ensure that the keyboard supports the appropriate interface, such as USB, PS/2, or wireless, to be compatible with your industrial devices
or systems.

Layout: Verify that the keyboard layout aligns with your specific requirements, whether it's a standard QWERTY layout or a special configuration
for specific tasks.

Button Function: Check the functionality of the keyboard's buttons, including any programmable keys or function keys tailored to your operational

By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision when selecting an industrial keyboard that meets your unique demands,
enhancing productivity and reliability in industrial settings.

Step 5: Negotiating Pricing with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers

The goal of negotiation is to create a mutually beneficial win-win situation for both you and the manufacturer.
To ensure successful negotiations, employ these effective strategies:
1. Comprehensive Data Preparation: Gather and present well-documented data to the manufacturers, showcasing your serious intent to make
purchases. This approach instills confidence and encourages the manufacturers to engage in fruitful negotiations.

2. Quantity-Based Pricing: Request product prices based on different quantity tiers. Buying in bulk often leads to cost savings, and understanding
the price breakdown at various quantities helps you make informed decisions.

3. Balancing Quality and Pricing: Remember that quality often correlates with higher pricing. It's essential to find the right balance between
cost-effectiveness and getting top-notch industrial keyboards that meet your requirements.

4. Transparency in Communication: Maintain clear and transparent communication with the manufacturer. Avoid making endless sample orders
without actual purchases, as it may diminish your negotiating leverage and disrupt the manufacturer's workflow.

5. Understanding Input Costs: Familiarize yourself with the manufacturers' input costs, including labor, raw materials, and mark-ups. This knowledge
will enable you to assess the reasonableness of their pricing and potentially negotiate better deals.

6. Long-term Partnership: Approach negotiations with the mindset of building a long-term partnership with the manufacturer. Demonstrating
commitment to establishing a lasting business relationship can open doors to more favorable terms.

7. Seeking Assistance: If visiting the company in person for negotiations is not feasible, consider hiring a representative in China to act on your behalf.
Their expertise and cultural familiarity can prove invaluable in securing favorable deals.

8. Effective Communication: If a representative is not an option, engage in effective communication through calls and emails. Clearly convey your
requirements and expectations to ensure both parties are on the same page.

9. Flexibility and Patience: Be flexible during negotiations and exercise patience. It may take time to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement that aligns
with both parties' interests.

By applying these strategies and maintaining a positive and constructive approach, you can maximize the outcome of your negotiations, establish
strong partnerships, and acquire high-quality industrial keyboards that meet your business needs.

Step 6: Placing an Order with Industrial Keyboard Manufacturers
After successful negotiations, it's time to proceed with placing your orders.
1. Sample Orders: A sample order is a small purchase you make to assess the product's quality before committing to a larger order. It allows
you to inspect the products and determine if they meet your expectations. Sample orders are less risky as they protect you from significant
losses in case the products do not meet your requirements. They are particularly beneficial for customers who haven't conducted on-site visits.

When discussing sample orders with the manufacturing company via email, include the following:
- A clear statement requesting sample orders.
- Specify the products you want to sample.
- Clearly state any customizations you'd like to be made on the sample orders.
- Indicate the quantity of sample orders you'd like to order.
- Provide your shipping address for delivery.
2. Bulk Orders: After visiting the manufacturing company on-site and gaining sufficient knowledge about the products and processes, you may
opt for a bulk order. Bulk orders are ideal for taking advantage of economies of scale, potentially leading to better pricing and more streamlined

When placing a bulk order, ensure you have a clear understanding of the products' specifications, quality, and customization requirements to avoid
any potential issues during the ordering process.

By carefully managing both sample orders and bulk orders, you can minimize risks, ensure product quality, and establish a fruitful and long-lasting
partnership with the manufacturing company.

Step 7: Making the Deposit for Your Order

Once you've placed an order, the subsequent step involves making the payment. In most cases, manufacturers will require a 30% deposit of
the total amount before commencing work on your order.

You will receive the necessary bank details from the manufacturers to facilitate the payment process.
One significant advantage of conducting on-site visits during the deposit phase is the opportunity to negotiate and customize payment
arrangements directly with the manufacturers.

As soon as the initial deposit is made, the manufacturing processes for your products will commence, ensuring timely production and delivery
of your order.

Additionally, ensuring prompt and accurate payment facilitates a smooth and efficient production timeline, enhancing your overall experience
with the manufacturing company. Remember to maintain clear communication regarding payment schedules and any specific requirements to
ensure a successful transaction.

Step 8: Product Inspection and Quality Control

Inspecting industrial keyboard products to ensure they meet the required standards is of utmost importance, and it should be a top priority
during the process.

Thoroughly check the industrial keyboards for any defects, such as key malfunctions, loose components, or inconsistencies in the construction.
If any issues are identified, promptly request the manufacturer to address and correct them.

If you cannot physically be present for the inspection, you can request the manufacturer to send you detailed photos and videos of the
industrial keyboard products to verify their quality and condition.

A reputable manufacturing company should have compensation policies in place in case any faults or discrepancies are discovered after product
delivery. This provides you with assurance and recourse if any unforeseen issues arise with the industrial keyboards.

Additionally, conducting quality checks at this stage helps mitigate potential risks and ensures that you receive high-quality industrial keyboards
that align with your specifications and expectations.

Step 9: Final Payment and Transaction Completion

Once all the necessary arrangements have been made, the final step is to settle the remaining 70% of the total amount as the final payment.
Upon receiving the final payment, the delivery processes will commence promptly. The manufacturer will initiate the shipping and logistics
procedures to ensure the timely and secure delivery of your industrial keyboard products.

At this stage, maintaining open and transparent communication with the manufacturer is essential. Confirm all shipping details, including the
preferred shipping method, delivery address, and any special instructions.

Step 10: Preparing for the Importation of Industrial Keyboards

Having comprehensive knowledge about Incoterms and understanding the implications of different shipment methods is crucial, regardless
of the products you are importing.

Incoterms are international commercial terms that define the responsibilities and obligations of buyers and sellers in international trade
transactions. They outline critical aspects such as transportation, insurance, and customs clearance, impacting the cost, risk, and delivery

Shipment Methods

When it comes to shipping industrial keyboard products from China to your country, you have various shipment methods to consider. The
popular options include:

1. Sea Shipment: Opting for ocean shipment is ideal for bulky products that do not require fast delivery. Shipping by sea is known for its
cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for large quantities or heavy items.

2. Air Shipment: While air shipment is the most expensive option, it offers the advantage of faster delivery and optimal condition upon arrival.
This method is beneficial for time-sensitive orders or products that require immediate availability.

3. Train Shipment: Rail transportation is available for specific routes from China to Europe or Southeast Asia. The establishment of the Belt and
Road initiative has improved connectivity between China, Central Asia, and Europe. The China-Europe Railway Express is an efficient option that
significantly reduces delivery times compared to sea transport, offering a viable alternative for various transport routes.

When deciding on the shipment method, consider factors such as the urgency of delivery, product size, budget constraints, and your specific
requirements. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks, so evaluating your needs will help you choose the most suitable option for
transporting your industrial keyboard products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Understanding Incoterms
International commercial terms, commonly known as Incoterms, serve as crucial guidelines for importers and exporters engaged in both local
and international trade.

The primary objective of Incoterms is to ensure a clear understanding of the responsibilities, tasks, costs, and risks for both exporters and importers
throughout the entire process of shipping goods from the exporting country to the importing country.

These comprehensive guidelines cover essential aspects, including:
1.Delivery Points: Incoterms specify the exact location or point where the transfer of responsibility and risk occurs between the exporter
and importer.

2. Transportation Costs: They define the division of transportation costs between the parties, providing clarity on who bears the expenses for
freight and other related charges.

3. Export and Import Costs: Incoterms outline the allocation of export and import duties and taxes, ensuring transparency in financial

4. Insurance Costs: They address the issue of insurance coverage, clarifying whether the exporter or importer is responsible for insuring the
goods during transit.

Among the various Incoterms available, two widely used terms are Ex Works (EXW) and Free On Board (FOB). These terms provide different
levels of responsibility for the exporter and importer and are frequently employed by traders worldwide.

Understanding and appropriately implementing Incoterms is essential for establishing successful and smooth international trade transactions.
By adhering to these guidelines, both parties can avoid misunderstandings and disputes, ensuring a productive and beneficial trading relationship.

EXW (Ex Works) and Its Advantages
EXW (Ex Works) is an international trade term where the seller makes the goods available at their premises, and the buyer bears all transportation
costs and risks from that point onward.

Advantages of EXW:
1. Greater Control: The buyer has maximum control over transportation and logistics, choosing shipping methods and carriers according to their

2. Cost Savings: No additional transportation or handling costs from the seller's side, potentially leading to savings for the buyer.
3. Flexible Shipping Options: Buyers can select shipping methods based on urgency and cost considerations.
4. Access to Local Resources: Buyers familiar with local logistics can benefit from better shipping arrangements and local resources.
However, buyers must handle export documentation, customs clearance, and any transit risks or delays. Proper preparation and a reliable logistics
partner are crucial for a smooth EXW shipment process.

FOB (Free On Board) and Its Advantages
FOB (Free On Board) is a trade term where the seller handles getting the goods onto the ship at the specified port. Once the goods are on board,
it's the buyer's responsibility to handle the transportation and any risks from there.

Advantages of FOB:
1. Easy Logistics: FOB makes things simple for the buyer because the seller takes care of getting the goods to the port.
2. Lower Risk: The buyer doesn't have to worry about the goods until they are on the ship, which reduces their risk during the initial part of the

3. Clear Costs: FOB lets the buyer see exactly how much it costs to get the goods to the port, so there are no surprises.
4. Seller's Expertise: Sellers are usually good at handling shipments to the port, so the process is smoother and more efficient.
5. Smooth Imports: FOB makes importing easier for the buyer because the seller handles the export paperwork until the goods are on the ship.
But remember, once the goods are on the ship, it's up to the buyer to take care of everything from there, including transportation, customs, and
getting the goods to their final destination. So, having a reliable logistics partner and knowing the import process well are important to make the
most of FOB.

Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers
Freight Forwarders:
Freight forwarders are like expert travel planners for your goods! They're companies or agents that take care of all the shipping and logistics stuff.
Their main job is to make sure your goods get from the seller to your doorstep. They handle everything from booking space on cargo ships or planes,
arranging transportation, sorting out all the necessary paperwork, and making sure your stuff clears customs hassle-free.

Customs Brokers:
Think of customs brokers as your personal customs guides. These licensed pros know all the ins and outs of getting your goods through customs
without a hitch. They're the go-between for you and the customs officials, making sure everything meets the import rules and regulations. Thanks
to them, your shipments can breeze through customs with ease, and you can get your hands on your goods in no time!

Step 11: Tracking Your Cargo During Product Transit

You've got some fantastic options for tracking your international shipments! If you're using international courier companies like DHL, FedEx,
or UPS, head over to their official websites, and you can easily track your goods. These express services are pretty reliable and provide real-time
updates on your package's whereabouts.

Now, if you've chosen the sea route for your shipment, don't worry; you can still keep tabs on it. Just visit the official website of the shipping
company responsible for your cargo, and there you can check the trajectory of your goods as they sail across the ocean.

With these tracking tools at your fingertips, you can stay informed and have peace of mind while waiting for your goods to arrive. It's like having
a virtual travel buddy for your shipments!

Step 12: Receiving and Handling the Product at the Port

Alright, once your precious products arrive at the port in your country, there are a few necessary procedures you gotta handle before you can
get your hands on them.

First up, you'll need to cough up some cash for customs duty because, let's face it, most goods from China come with these duties attached.
Once you've paid those custom duties and filled out the customs declaration form, voilà! Your products are finally released from the warehouse,
and you can claim 'em as yours.

But hey, if you're not up for all the hassle of dealing with customs stuff, no worries! You can totally hire a customs broker to handle all the nitty-gritty
for you. They're like your custom experts, making sure everything goes smoothly and you get your goods without breaking a sweat. It's like having your
own customs superhero!

Step 13: Transporting Products from the Port to Their Destination
The transportation method to get your products from the port to your address is entirely up to you. If the seller used international courier
services, once you've completed customs clearance, they'll directly deliver your package right to your doorstep.

If you've ordered a larger quantity, sellers usually opt for air or sea freight. Considering you've already invested a significant amount in importing
these products, going for a more economical option might be a wise choice.

Two common cost-effective ways are using road transport or rail transport.
You can hire someone to arrange the transportation for you, or if you're willing, you can handle it yourself. It's all about choosing the most
convenient and budget-friendly way to safely deliver your valuable goods to your place!

Step 14: Inspecting Received Products: A Must-Do for Smart Shoppers

When you get your products, give them a good look to make sure they're up to your standards. Open that package as soon as it arrives and
check if everything's in top-notch condition because, you know, sometimes stuff can get a little banged up during shipping. Oh, and don't forget
to double-check if it's exactly what you ordered and do a random quality check too. If you spot any defects or issues, don't hesitate to hit up the
seller and ask for a quick replacement. Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, it's your hard-earned money, so you deserve nothing but the best!

Purchasing durable and robust industrial keyboards is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and reducing downtime for your equipment.
While you might find some industrial keyboard products locally, they can be crazy expensive!
That's why many savvy industrial equipment experts prefer to import them from China. Plus, you get access to a wide variety of top-quality

One essential tip in international trade is building trust with your suppliers. It's a two-way street, and trust is the foundation of a successful

If you don't have that trust and good relations, you might end up with more losses than gains.
If you need any info or have questions about importing industrial keyboards, check out our website at or drop us an
email at We're here to help you get the best protection for your valuable equipment!

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