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Industrial Grade IP65 Dynamic Panel Mount Membrane Keyboard with Rugged Touchpad Reliable Data Input for Harsh Environments

Item No.: D-1603
Robust 94-key IP66 dynamic rated industrial membrane keyboard featuring an integrated numeric keypad and function keys on the upper line. Its ruggedized tough touchpad ensures fast and accurate cursor positioning. The keyboard employs short stroke of 0.45mm for stable and reliable data input.  Encased in a scratch-proof polyester surface, it withstands harsh environments and is backed with a stainless steel plate. The top panel mounting design ensures a flush fit.

Dimensions: 420.0mm x 150.0mm (top panel)

Mechanical Data:
- Number of Keys: 94 keys (including 2 mouse buttons)
- Key Switch Technology: Metal dome
- Actuation Force: 2.0N±0.2N (press point)
- Key Travel: 0.45mm
- Mounting Type: Top panel mounting

- Sealed and ruggedized tough touchpad
- Touchpad Cover: Composite
- Method: Capacitive
- Lifetime: More than 10 million strokes
- X/Y Axis Location Detection Resolution: 40 Counts/mm
- X/Y Position Report: Relative
- Output: PS2 or USB

Electrical Data:
- Supply Voltage: DC +5V±5%
- Current Rating: ≤50mA
- EMC Standard: EN 55032:2015, EN 55035:2017
- Lifespan: > 5 years
- Interface: PS2, USB available
- OS: Compatible with all Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Android 

Environmental Adaptability:
- Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +65℃
- Storage Temperature: -30℃ to +75℃
- Operating RH: 100%
- Atmospheric Pressure: 60-106Kpa
- Saline Mist: 96 hours, IEC 60512-6
- Damp Heat Test at +40℃: 21 days, IEC 60512-6
- Dry Heat Test at +85℃: 10 days, IEC 60512-6

- RoHS, CE, FCC compliant
- Protection Level: IP66 dynamic
- Key Lifespan: > 1 million actuations
- MTBF: > 20000H
- MTTR: < 30min

Ideal for industrial, marine, food and beverage, processing factories, medical and pharmaceutical, and numerical control machine applications.

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